1-2-1 Dhol classes

Discover what it takes to learn how to play the Dhol, it’s probably not as hard as you think....with proper instructions and guidance you can progress quickly.


Every Friday from 6pm


Introductory price £8.00*

Taster Lesson

The initial taster lesson will include an assessment at which you will be able to discuss your requirements, technical issues and goals.


51 Kenilworth Drive

What’s your level??

Beginners (6-7 pm)

Discover what it takes to learn how to play the Dhol. You may have been thinking about learning the Dhol for a while or just fancy trying something new. You might have never touched a Dhol or possibly had an attempt but need further guidance – we can help! Being a (Dholi) drummer might be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you ever do.....

Intermediate (7-8 pm)

Expand your skill and become more confident. If you’re really dedicated to becoming a better (Dholi) Drummer, then don’t waste anymore time looking for bits of information on the internet – get serious, learn and master the Dhol with Drumology! With the correct guidance (bols) and support you will be able expand your skill and become a more confident and competent (dholi) drummer.

Advance (8-9 pm)

Explore your full potential and expand your repertoire. As an advanced student you will benefit from Drumology’s knowledge and expertise, helping you to broaden your repertoire and explore your full potential with 1-2-1 coaching.

*Prices Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice

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