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Principally working within schools, but also at corporate events, prisons and as a unique form of entertainment, DRUMOLOGY provides the following to all its clients, tailored every time to suit your individual needs.

  • Workshops

During the workshop DRUMOLOGY introduces rhythm awareness and ensemble skills through the teaching of rhythm-based music - principally through the traditional music of Punjab.

  • Cultural Awareness

In a school based environment, the music can be taught within a broader context - as a supplement to the teaching of world music, as a collaboration between music and dance, and as a large scale example of group music making.

  • The Performance

The workshops culminate in a performance/presentation of the work covered, the music made, and most importantly of the enjoyment shared by all involved. These performances are usually to the rest of the school, to the classroom teachers, parents, as a special feature of the day, as part of an assembly or in a school concert.

  • Corporate Events

The perfect way to bring your team together in a fun exercise that relies on the participation of all. Each participant has a simple part to play, but the music will only work if all players work together, listening to each other, playing both together and against each other to produce, if required, a unique and enjoyable treat for the rest of the office!

  • The Unique Party Treat!

What better way to get your party going by bringing everyone into the fun and attention by playing fun music together. No 'educational' aspects unless required - just pure fun and enjoyment to be had by all! Adults and children, separately or together, can enjoy this music making purely in an entertainment scenario.

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